Data & Analytics

We identify and connect data from across your business, giving you a deeper understanding of your performance.

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What is Incendium Data & Analytics?

We utilise and connect data from across your business to provide insight to the performance of your Real Estate portfolio and operations.

With the use of industry leading analytics platforms, we work closely with you to deliver solutions that both analyse and visualise your data assets.

+ What can Incendium Data & Analytics do for you?

Refine your data environment

We identify and interrogate all available data sources and working closely with you, develop a structured and accurate data model.

Develop a deeper understand your business

We develop clear and reliable insights from your data, empowering you with a deeper understanding of your operations.

Reduce time on manual reporting

Real time access to an accurate and custom made analytics platform gives your team access to an industry leading reporting tool and the information they need to respond to ad hoc requests.

Improve interaction with customers and stakeholders

Provide customers and stakeholders with to your business or team will benefit from faster response times to requests for information.

+ Why choose us?

Real estate expertise + technical know-how

Our industry expertise covers real estate, FM, capital projects, procurement, risk, and resilience. We combine this knowledge with market-leading technologists that deliver effective solutions to address industry-specific issues.

Cost efficient

Unlike other service providers, we do not sell our clients expensive proprietary software. Instead, we use industry-standard analytics platforms for low monthly or annual costs.

Tailored to your business

Whereas many solutions shape your data to their platform, we shape our platform to your requirements. We understand that each client is different, and so we place emphasis on building a solution that works for you, not the other way around.

You own it

Once delivered, you own the solution. There are no hidden costs.


All data is stored in the cloud, preferably on your IT infrastructure, leaving you in control of it.

Resilient and scalable

We ensure that our solutions can cope with any changes to the way your business operates and can be scaled with minimal extra cost.

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