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Uptree – the branch connecting the CRE industry and young talent? | Tahia Ahmed, Incendium Intern

Sep 4, 2018

In today’s employment landscape, where people frequently change jobs and even careers, being career-conscious at an early age has never been more important. High-achieving young people are more often than not steered towards a small handful of ‘traditional’ professions, including law, medicine and accountancy – and these limited choices are echoed in their choice of academic qualifications.

Corporate real estate is an ‘under the radar’ sector, which needs to work doubly-hard to attract the young talent needed to help it thrive and progress in the future. This is where platforms like Uptree come in.

Uptree, founded by Tamsin Dewhurst and Lucy Cranwell-Ward, is a professional network for young people, which helps find, match and connect them with employers for networking and insight events, work experience, internships and even jobs. Uptree’s mission is to enable both employers and young people to reach their full potential.

Consultants working within the CRE sector could hugely benefit from partnering with organisations like Uptree, in the ongoing pursuit of attracting exciting future talent for the industry. A limited awareness of the CRE sector, which I’ve experienced first-hand as a current sixth form student and Incendium intern, is a fundamental blocker to ensuring school leavers and graduates apply for positions in the industry. Around 60 organisations are involved with the Uptree programme, helping to spread the word about their individual sectors and the diverse, challenging range of professions that sit within them.

I’ve personally been a member of Uptree for a year now, and as part of the programme have been exposed to companies I had never come across before, such as Ogilvy & Mather and BBH, as well as better-known organisations such as Google and Citigroup. Through Uptree I’ve been introduced to a great range of professions and have found that many of these industries really appeal to me. Because of this exposure, I certainly feel more equipped to evaluate my future career options and make the right decision. Although I still intend to follow my original plan of pursuing a career in law, through Uptree I have discovered how important it is to learn about different careers before making a decision – especially those careers that most young people may not be aware of.

For consultants operating in the CRE sector, Uptree could act as a bridge to the young talent that could become the foundation of the industry in years to come, but who may not currently be aware that the industry is an option for them. By working with these platforms, many companies working in the CRE sector can tap into enthusiastic young talent – opening the eyes of young people to the exciting opportunities and benefits of a career in this industry.

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