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A bold energy, sustainability and wellness strategy

Jul 27, 2018

When Incendium was asked to create an environmental action plan for Hogan Lovells – one of the world’s leading law firms – we were determined to challenge the normal ways of working. At the same time, we wanted to create a solution that delved into the granular detail of Hogan Lovells’ UK property portfolio, which also urged the client to be as aspirational as possible in terms of their environmental ambitions.

The resulting strategy incorporated all aspects of environmental impacts, including energy and sustainability, as well as up-to-the-minute concepts such as wellness. The plan ticked all the boxes in terms of addressing environmental concerns, while building on that foundation to ensure tangible benefits for employee’s health and productivity. When wellness is still a relatively new area in commercial property, this was a daring approach to take with a major corporate client.

The Hogan Lovells Environmental Action Plan is based on three key principles: using less; partnership; and transparency. Opportunities to reduce energy, water and waste are present and correct, but so too is the importance of creating a sense of collective endeavour among both employees and Hogan Lovells’ supply chain in order to boost performance.

Communicating the plan and its results internally and externally was also critical to its success. After all, as a global law firm, Hogan Lovells’ most prized asset is its people, and the younger generations especially place great importance on the environmental performance of their employer and the quality of their working environment. In short, the plan plays a key role in attracting and retaining talent for years to come.

In a separate but connected piece of work, we also put in place a new energy contract. The procurement solution provided cost parity with the firm’s previous contract at a time when energy prices have risen by 20%, meaning that it stands to make increasingly substantial cost savings as the impacts of the environmental plan materialise.

Making a success of the project involved close and honest engagement with Hogan Lovells and its supply chain. For instance, at the beginning of the project, we identified that data management was poor and so had to work hard to improve the situation to the point where data is now robust and accurate.

Perhaps the greatest testament our cutting-edge approach is that Hogan Lovells now intends to roll out the strategy from the UK to its global network of offices. As David Crew, international director of corporate real estate at the firm, puts it: “The Incendium team has supported us in providing a robust environmental strategy for our UK portfolio. The strategy and action plan has challenged our normal business practices, created efficiencies in how we run our buildings, and driven our supply chain to develop more sustainable procurement and implementation protocols, all of which supports our firm-wide sustainability agenda.”

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